Free Agent - USA 97350

Registration Information

Owners/Charterers Miles Depaepe
Boat Name Free Agent
Division Racing Monohull
Section Section 07
Invited Competitor Miles DePaepe
From Kenosha, Wisconsin
Representing Club Midwest Open Racing Fleet
Registered Crew 10
Division racing

Yacht Information

Sail Number USA 97350
Yacht Type Schock 35
Length 35.00
Min. Draft 6.90
Hull Color Wht/Red
State of Registration IL
Registration # IL7020KF
Docking Assignment Mackinac / Zone F


ORC Cert. Ref. Number 03330001V33
ORC Cert. Type CLUB
Chicago-Mac Upwind 1.0246
Chicago-Mac All Purpose 1.0443
Chicago-Mac Downwind 1.0681

Entry Status

Entry Profile
Race Entry Agreement
Entry Fee
Need to Complete
Crew List and Waivers
Race Tracker Agreement
Rating Certificate
Need to Complete
Safety Requirements Compliance (CMSR)
Crew Safety At Sea Training
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Crew List

Name From
Miles DePaepe Kenosha, Wisconsin
Joe Wienecke Punta Gorda, Florida
Hubert Cartier Chicago, IL
Bill Riner Nashville, TN
Hans De Schaaf Chicago, IL
Cindy Sommerfeld Palatine, IL
Capt. Wesley G. Marshall Richmond, VA
Kevin Bosman Buffalo Grove, IL
Edward Allen Richmond, VA
Patrick Powers Annapolis, MD