NorthStar (Tartan 4000 - USA 61048)

Registration Information

Owners/Charterers Greg Farrell
Boat Name NorthStar
Division Cruising
Section Cruising 1
Invited Competitor Greg Farrell
From Sheboygan, WI
Representing Club Sheboygan Yacht Club
Registered Crew 8
Division cruising

Yacht Information

Sail Number USA 61048
Yacht Type Tartan 4000
Length 40.70
Min. Draft 6.50
Hull Color Blue
State of Registration Wisconsin
Registration # 1240270
Docking Zone Zone B - City Dock – East Raft
Docking Location PLANNED Zone B - City Dock – East Raft


ORC Cert. Ref. Number 04560002pu7
ORC Cert. Type CLUB
Chicago-Mac Upwind 1.0234
Chicago-Mac All Purpose 1.0537
Chicago-Mac Downwind 1.0904

Entry Status

Entry Profile
Need to Complete
Race Entry Agreement
Entry Fee
Crew List and Waivers
Need to Complete
Race Tracker Agreement
Rating Certificate
Need to Complete
Safety Requirements Compliance (CMSR)
Crew Safety At Sea Training
Need to Complete

Crew List

Name From
Greg Farrell Sheboygan, WI
Paul Bartelt Sheboygan Falls, WI
Chris Garbacz Chicago, IL
Jason Diener Sheboygan, WI
Adam Pickhardt Sheboygan, WI
Eileen English Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Leslie Kohler Sheboygan, WI
Jeannine Mickelson-Shelby Sheboygan, WI