2024 Official Results by Section

Automatic Time Penalties
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Boat Name Sail Number Owner(s) / Charterer(s) Corrected Time Adjustment m:ss Penalty Type Reason
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PP Protest Pending
** Elapsed Time Penalty/Adjustment. Elapsed and Corrected Times adjusted.
* Corrected Time Penalty. Corrected Time adjusted.
ATP Automatic Time Penalty - 5 minute Corrected Time - applied by Race Committee before all other penalties:
ATP1 - SI 14.c - No 3-mile call-in
ATP2 - SI 15.c - Sailboard not displayed
ATP3 - SI 15.e - No call-in after finish
ATP4 - SI 17.a - Finish card and/or tracker not turned in within 3 hours
DNC "Did Not Compete" - a competitor who has completed registration at the Pre-Race Sign-In but did not check in at the Check-In-Boat and did not cross the start line. Will be in the list of competitors and scored DNC. The "check in" test is used in lieu of the RRS "did not come to the starting area".
DNS "Did not start (other than DNC and OCS)" - boat was properly registered, checked in, but failed to properly start.
OCS "Did not start; on the course side of the starting line at her starting signal and failed to start, or broke rule 30.1".
RET "Retired" - boat STOPPED RACING for any reason before the expiration of the Time Limit, or notified the RC it had retired after Finishing.
DNF "Did Not Finish" - boat did not Finish before the expiration of the Time Limit.
SCP "Scoring Penalty" - boat displayed Yellow flag until after finish and informed Race Committee she accepted 5 minute corrected time penalty. (RRS 44.3 & NOR 11)
DPI "Discretionary Penalty Imposed"
RDG "Redress given"
DSQ "Disqualification"

Protest and Penalty Report
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Status Initiator Respondent(s) Hearing Date/Time Hearing Location Decision Reason(s)
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